A beowulf for parallel instruction.

Yoon Jae Ho yoon at bh.kyungpook.ac.kr
Wed Nov 1 17:03:50 PST 2000

As I suggested "Cyber Beowulf University" this spring in this mailing list, I think 

Education is very important part of Beowulf Project. 

If you are Professor(Univ.) or Teacher(school), 

you can use your PC rooms (which are occupied by MS 95 or 98 ME or 2000, NT)  for parallel computing Programming.

I mean please change your PC rooms to Beowulf Linux and teach the Parallel Programming wit Linux.

I think in oder to change your PC rooms to Beowulf Linux, 

I think in the first place, please add a another HDD each PC in your PC rooms & multiboot with Linux & MS 

for specific time (Night or your class time) using the Beowulf Linux & ordinary time using MS.

( following advice from: Thomas Lovie <tlovie at cr434095-a.glph1.on.wave.home.com>
for example,

I try to make it out of Windows 98(not Window 2000) to Redhat6.1 Linux at 8pm, into Windows at 6am.

In the Linux, I didn't change the /ect/crontab. instead, I made a script called "dos" and put it /etc/cron.daily/  directory.

the dos script is like below;

0 6 * * 0-7 /sbin/lilo -R dos; /sbin/shutdown -r 6:05

In the Window98, a schedule to shutdown & reboot  8pm using the win98 Scheduled Task manager.

In the win98 Scheduled Task manager, I put the command

runonce.exe -q 

after that,  it showed like this,


It rebooted successfully. 

In windows 2000, you can use the SHUTDOWN.EXE command from the windows 2000
 resource kit called from the Scheduled Task manager.  The command should be
 called as follows:
 shutdown  /l  /r /y /t:5 /c
 /l = local
 /r = reboot?
 /y = yes
 /t = time
 /c = close(?)
 With lilo set up to boot Linux by default, the machine will boot into Linux
 when called from windows 2000, and the cron script will make sure that the
 machine boots into windows when rebooted via cron.  )

If you don't have enough money to buy another HDD in each PC in your PC, Just partition the exisiting HDD. & use multibooting it with Linux & MS. but this method need to be careful the Virus for multibooting with one HDD.

and In the Second place, persuade the authority people to use Linux instead of MS in your PC Rooms.
but it will take a time to accept it.

and wait & see ..

That's all.
thank you very much
Yoon Jae Ho

yoon at bh.kyungpook.ac.kr
http://ie.korea.ac.kr/~supercom/  Korea Beowulf
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> We are planning to provide a vehicle for instruction in
> parallel computing. Given this rather vague objective,
> what influence might this have on the selection of
> hardware and software? The selection of non-bleeding
> edge components is one obvious issue but there must be
> others.  Although this is slightly off-topic I'd
> greatly appreciate comments from those who are running
> machines that may cater to this area as part of their
> workloads.
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