A beowulf for parallel instruction.

J, A. Llewellyn tony at usf.edu
Wed Nov 1 10:32:05 PST 2000

Walter B Ligon III
Your comments about instruction are well received. One
of our objectives would be to prepare students to use
the larger scale Beowulfs ( Beowolves? Someone needs to
solve this problem ! ) which are becoming available as
national facilities. I'd be interested in software
comments in this area.

Robert. G. Brown
 I'm relieved to find assurance about the boxes vs
rackmounts issue since this issue is something we have
discussed. The experiments you suggest are enticing but
remember our primary objective is the software training
end ( even if I didn't make it very clear in my post).
The multiple small cluster suggestion is something that
has also cropped up. I wonder what size we need in
order to make the difficulty in parallelization
organization to be apparent without it overwhelming the
entire process. If we can bring this off with a half
decent lab it will be marvelous. It looks as if we need
to think in terms of under 32 nodes total, (all
flavors) and assembling a list of candidate NICS,
switches etc. Any priorities to suggest?

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