Q-comp sim

lenins lenin at vsnl.com
Sat May 27 06:33:30 PDT 2000

Hi wulfs,
    As a final year project,I am planning to write a Quantum computer
The aim of such a simulator will be to give very accurate simulation of a

    The project calls for solving physics equations. The complexity lies in
the fact that to calculate a function of 8 bit input, in the worst case the
sim wolud have to execute the function 2^8 times (for each of the possible
input cases).
In short the characteristics are
    1.  Large number of calculations (each differing only in the input
    2.  explicit parallelism
    3.  Very limited I/O operations

Inputs available are 25-30 Celeron 400 systems.(Networked Win-NT).Some
experience in pvm.And some very interested guys.

I would like to know if using a beowulf is really necessary or can i do it
with pvm.
If a beowulf is necessary what would we have to go through to get the wulf
up and running.

lenin s

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