Alpha SMP Beowulf cluster: problems with SMP and ethernet !!

Stefano Curtarolo auro at
Thu May 25 18:45:33 PDT 2000

Hi Donald

I am trying your 1.10a driver right now, but kernel 2.3.99pre9 gives me a
bunch of errors on eepro100.c . I went back to the 1.09.

> I tried eepro100.c v1.10a on our dual 21264 system this evening.
> Barring a few problems (compile command and the like), there was no
> problem.
> > Running the diagnostic: "dmesg | less" I have found that the eth0 hangs
> > because an interrupt conflict.
> The new driver tries to at least pass a little traffic, as it complains
> about the IRQ problem.   Although I've never had an IRQ problem on the
> Alpha, only the x86, to test this with.

nor me, but sometimes problem come out.


> > Same problem with/without DP264 option/ kernel 2.2.15 or 2.3.99pre8 or
> > pre9.
> Donald Becker				becker at
> Scyld Computing Corporation
> 410 Severn Ave. Suite 210		Annapolis MD 21403

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