alpha board/processor pricing and sourcing

Surinder Dio S.S.Dio at
Thu May 18 08:50:39 PDT 2000


I'm tring to source some alpha boards and processors in the UK, and
having obtained one quote felt that it was rather expensive (sure I
know it was going to be more than intel :-).

I was wondering if list users could offer some guide as to where they
are obtaining boards/processors from (I dont mind buying from abroad
if it saves me money) but I would rather buy them locally from the UK,
and how much they are paying for them (if you dont mind offering this

THe cost of this kit is a crucial factor for us, and we need to go
with the alpha kit for the floating point performance. As a guide I
have recently been offered:
API2000 - 1880 UK pounds   
Alpha 21264 667Mhz with 2Mb Cache - 1980 UK pounds
I guess list users might not want to clutter this list with costing
info, so I will summarize any direct responses I get, unless someone
explictly asks me not to include their details for the wider public.
For UK users who have bought from abroad (I guess the US is the main
source?) have you run into any particualar issues that others should
be wary of.
Many thanks

[Apols if you see this twice ...sorry]

Surinder Singh Dio , School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences
s.s.dio at  , University of Greenwich, London, England.

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