SCI, Myrinet Benchmarks using EFF_BW

Anas Nashif nashif at
Wed May 17 21:11:00 PDT 2000

This might be interesting for some of you out there...

I did some benchmarks using the effective bandwidth benchamrk by Pallas

The benchmarks were run on 4 nodes:


Running on 4 PEs

sampling from 2^0 to 2^20  bytes

BIP (Myrinet):
Effective Bandwidth:  77.41 [MB/sec]

GM (Myrinet)
Effective Bandwidth:  41.01 [MB/sec]

Parastation (Myrinet):
Effective Bandwidth:  50.27 [MB/sec]

Effective Bandwidth:   9.66 [MB/sec]

Scali (SCI):
Effective Bandwidth:  66.28 [MB/sec]



Anas Nashif <nashif at>
SuSE GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany

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