Is Boewulf what I need?

Victor Ortega vor+ at
Wed May 17 10:16:06 PDT 2000

A beowulf cluster will serve your needs fairly well, but ONLY if you
also install MOSIX.  MOSIX provides automatic process migration and
load balancing in a beowulf cluster.  Check out their web site at

But the answer to your question is no: any SMP machine with lots of
processors will serve your needs, and thus you don't NEED a beowulf
cluster.  The cluster is only a cost-effective option.


On Tue, 16 May 2000, Javi Ortiz wrote:
> I'm new with Beowulf so I would like you help me to know if it is Beowulf
> what I need or another system's kind.
> Our need is no paralelization in the programs but distribution of the
> processes.
> We would like to access to a single system, but to have a lot of CPUs.
> We want that ...:
>         * ... a CPU run only one process while there are free CPUs.
>         * ... users don't need to worry about the distribution of their 
> processes.

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