Is Boewulf what I need?

Robert G. Brown rgb at
Wed May 17 09:05:29 PDT 2000

On Tue, 16 May 2000, Javi Ortiz wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm new with Beowulf so I would like you help me to know if it is Beowulf
> what I need or another system's kind.
> Our need is no paralelization in the programs but distribution of the
> processes.
> We would like to access to a single system, but to have a lot of CPUs.
> We want that ...:
>         * ... a CPU run only one process while there are free CPUs.
>         * ... users don't need to worry about the distribution of their 
> processes.

You want a cluster, which can be but doesn't have to be a "true
beowulf".  The base software you want to look into is almost certainly
Mosix (  mosix provides just about precisely what you are
looking for.  So much so that it isn't worth giving much of a
description -- its whole reason for existence is to do just what you
need done.

The "cluster", by the way, can be a collection of user desktops (linux
is generally efficient enough to run a background process without
affecting interactive user response, provided only that the process
doesn't fill memory or engage in excessive I/O and block a channel).  If
your departmental or other LAN doesn't contain enough hosts to do all
the work you need done, just set up a pile of stripped, headless nodes
in a room and on the switch with the rest of your department or LAN.
They should probably be configured approximately like a "real beowulf"
except that they need not be isolated (beyond the switch) and of course
it sounds like you don't need PVM, MPI and all that.


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