SpecFP and cache

Gerben Roest g.roest at linvision.com
Tue May 16 08:40:12 PDT 2000


I always thought that Athlons were so much faster in FP than Pentiums,
until I saw some results for the SpecFP 95 at spec.org.

PIII-733: 30.4 (full speed 256 kB cache)
PIII-600: 15.8 (half speed 512kB cache), normalized for 733: 19.3
Athlon 750: 32.9 (2/5 speed 512 kB cache), normalized for 733: 31.9

This questionable comparison shows that the full speed cache of the PIII
is a big advantage. Probably the new and improved (wider path and so on)
cache of the CuMine is of big importance to the SpecFP bench.

My question is: Does anyone have experiences with old and new PIII's (that
is, old and new cache) running big Fortran jobs? Is the difference there
as much as the SpecFP bench seems to show?


Gerben Roest.


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