Abit BP6 stability was: Stability of network cards at 75MHz+

Chan Chee Seng aids at pobox.org.sg
Tue May 16 04:35:48 PDT 2000

> Have you increased the CPU voltage at all, or have you left it at the
> default of 2.00V? The reason I ask is that I have tried OCing to
> 95MHz FSB,
> but the system dies after about 2 minutes, and I thought insufficient
> voltage might be to blame.

No, it's still at 2.0V. I don't have to increase the voltage at all.. it's
stable up to 97Mhz, But I lower it by 2Mhz to be on the safe side.

It all depends on which batch of CPU you get. I got another CPU that can't
go above 83Mhz.(Which will cause the bus speed to be too high)

Not all CPU are made the same. You just got to select the best from the

My CPU is a Celeron 400. Thus it's a 6X multipler.

Oh, you got to make sure that you wash the heat sink once every 5-6months as
the dust can choke it and causing it to overheat...

I haven't found my system to auto shutdown when it overheat.. (though it
would be a nice feature) It just lock up.. That is when the Temp shot up to
about 80C.

Chan Chee Seng

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