Booting 2.2.14-50 kernel with PXE 2.0

Mr.Joy Sarkar joysarkar at
Tue May 16 08:30:09 PDT 2000

	I am currently on an assignment to build up a diskless Beowulf
cluster of a (modest!) 8 nodes with one master. I am faced with a problem
wherein the PXE (version 2.0 build 067) of my Intel Ether Express Pro Card
(100 Mbs) is not booting the linux kernel after proper transfer by tftp
(incom tftpd by Dirk Koeppen, Offenbach) .
	The bootp exchange takes place properly and the kernel transfer
also takes place smoothly(with an "end of file reached" message from the
tftd)  but after the transfer ends, the client just seeks the floppy drive
feverishly. I have applied the "mknbi-linux" of etherboot on the kernel.
Could someone please tell me what exactly i have to do to make the client
 boot the linux kernel 2.2.14-50?  
	I have compiled a lean 460kb kernel for the clients with all the
necessary options: "root filesystem on NFS",Bootp and Rarp support in the
kernel and NIC support compiled in the kernel.

Thanks in advance,

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