Stability of network cards at 75MHz+

dwight dwight at
Mon May 15 22:37:12 PDT 2000

"Robert G. Brown" wrote:

> A further warning to add to Doug's:  If you have any interest in running
> the BP6 nodes with UDMA enabled, you CANNOT overclock.  I believe that
> Mark Hahn noted that in a comment just yesterday or the day before.  You
> will completely screw up critical timing if you do.

I think you are referring to listarchives/beowulf/2000/05/0042.html?
I do believe you *can* OC with UDMA enabled successfully; and I
believe Mark's words were "all bets are off". Plus his other excellent
comments were right on target, especially about the special cabling.

However, just because you can, doesn't necessarily mean that
you *will* be able to. I think I've OC'd a hard disk or two this way;
but have also had failures with others. The original posters' comment
about having trouble OC'ing disks in general was quite correct.

A while back, ran a poll about OC'ing success
per hard disk vendor and model. For all too many HD's, it was common
to see a success rate of 40-60% or so. This makes it an expensive

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