automating commands on nodes

John Goebel goebel at
Mon Jun 5 17:04:01 PDT 2000

On Sun, 4 Jun 2000, Peter Jay Salzman wrote:

> dear all,
> i'd like to:
> edit /etc/profile to include /sbin and /usr/sbin in PATH
> adduser jobrun
> on our 40 nodes.  is there a way of doing this without telnetting 40 times?

Take a look at cfengine. You can maintain system state better than just
pushing out mistakes, you can pull changes instead of pushing changes from
each node, and the syntax (AlthoughRatherSelfDocumenting) is straight
forward. You can also do it through a des encrypted transfere.

Also, prsh is handy. It beats writing 'for' and 'foreach' shell scripts.

Or you can use rsync (ssh -e rync). 

The world is your oyster.

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