large file support

Chris Black cblack at
Mon Jul 31 07:48:37 PDT 2000

Large file support under linux has been discussed on this list in the past.
I wish to know the easiest way to get large file support on a basic box 
starting at redhat 6.2. I know scyld has patches for the 2.2.x kernels and 
that LFS is in 2.4.x. Which is easier to integrate into a system without 
having to hack/maintain lots of non-standard packages? I wish to have 4GB+ 
file support (hopefully on a reiserfs partition) to use large tables under 
Yes, I am aware mysql 3.23 allows the splitting of large tables over multiple 
files, but indexes don't work using that mechanism.
And no, I do not want to change databases at this point. :)

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