new to the game ( Jörg Kaduk)

Christopher Dickson cdickson at
Sat Jul 29 23:23:26 PDT 2000

hi joerg,

Here are some sites that have some general introductions to cluster

>   Where should I look to get info about the problems involved and
>   to research the questions. Is PVM the only way for this kind of
>   problem?

There are two main packages that support shared memory and distributed
shared memory, MPI and PVM -         

MPI sites

PVM sites

Since i'm not really using these i can't tell you such about them. thou
IBM is the one of the main supports of MPI with the SP project.  Both MPI
and PVM work on a heterogenous cluster.

Currently i'm doing datamining using a cluster of nondedicated
Workstations connected by basic ethernet.  This is a cluster of linux
boxes, NT boxes and even G3 macs for parallel processing.  

For this i'm using a client/server architecture built in python using
sockets (TCP/IP).  On the datamining side of things i'm using C.

A couple of questions, what are planning on using this cluster for? and
are the computer nodes dedicated or nondedicated i.e. is some else using
them as well.

Anyway have fun,


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