tridiagonal matrix

Peter Jay Salzman p at
Fri Jul 28 12:47:21 PDT 2000

dear all,

i'm just beginning to learn about MPI programming.

i have a series of linear equations which are represented by a tridiagonal
matrix.  the order of the matrix is between 1000 and 10000.  this is thfe
major bottleneck in my code, so i'd like to know if solving a tridiagonal
matrix is a parallelizable operation.

the only tridiagonal matrix algorithm i know of is the thomas algorithm.
the algorithm has a structure like:

get a result for a[i]
use a[i] to obtain a[i+1]
use a[i+1] to obtain a[i+2]

this looks decidedly non-parallelizable to me.  i was wondering if anyone
knew of another algorithm which i could implement using MPI to get past this

(drop in code for fortran or C++ would be fantabulous!).

sorry for typos, but i just moved, and dsl hasn't kicked in yet.  i'm on a
painfully slow ppp connection.

much thanks!

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