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Joseph Del Corso j.a.delcorso at larc.nasa.gov
Thu Jul 27 08:48:17 PDT 2000

Would now be a good time to (re)introduce a simple idea/word?-- netiquette

Pronunciation: 'ne-ti-k&t, -"ket
Function: noun
Etymology: netizen
Date: 1988
: etiquette governing communication on the Internet 

Gentlemen, do you realize comments such as:

"It makes me chuckle when someone tells me they have 1000+ processors and they turn out to be 4-5 years old."

"I have no interest in getting into a dicksize flamewar. All I wanted to do was make the pithy comment that SGI shouldn't call it scalable if it only goes small."

"Right. Whatever. I don't care what the rule is.  I do what I do, you do what
you do..."

Comments such as these are inflamatory (meant to incite response), and while it would be interesting to watch this forum turn into an episode of "Days of our Lives" (fittingly renamed, "The Size of Our Ego's", or perhaps "The Size of our Clusters") Can we leave those comments out of future posts and focus on "compare[ing] notes on this mailing list so we both can learn".

~~ Joe

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