new SGI Origin & Onyx 3k?

W Bauske wsb at
Wed Jul 26 20:56:41 PDT 2000

Christopher Hogue wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Sorry Wes, I'm with Greg on this one. To work with protein structure,
> folding and docking drugs, I have 216 CPUS and I could easily use 10 or
> 100 times more for my "production runs".  This isn't for bragging
> rights. For me it's for being able to design new and better medicines
> with fewer side effects.

Being able to run more processors and actually doing it
are two different things. I could keep thousands of cpu's
busy but that's not my point. Most systems are not that

Out of curiousity, what sort of cpu's are you using?
The reason I ask is if you don't use the latest greatest
from your favorite vendor, your processors are underpowered
which can drastically effect your computing capabilities
and the number of processors needed to solve a given problem.


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