pbs scheduler question

Adam Lazur alazur at plogic.com
Wed Jul 19 13:34:12 PDT 2000

Peter Jay Salzman (p at belial.ucdavis.edu) said:
> the book says there are a number of schedulers that come with pbs, like
> fifo, basl, tcl, etc.   we want to run fifo.
> i did what the book says literally - i simply ran pbs_sched, and indeed it's
> running:
>  3152 ?        S      0:00 pbs_sched
> but which scheduler is it using?  i couldn't find any mention of which
> scheduler pbs_sched is using in the pbs_sched log file or config file.
> how do you specify which type of scheduler pbs_sched should use?

I'm fairly certain that pbs defaults to using the fifo scheduler and I
can't see anything being specified otherwise in the ./configure
command in the .spec file for the pbs distributed rpms.

I'd also recommend checking out the PBS mini-HOWTO at
http://www.fysik.dtu.dk/CAMP/pbs.html as the admin guide can be a bit
much at times. Also I would highly recommend subscribing to the PBS
users mailing list (Send an email to majordomo at pbspro.com with
"subscribe pbs-users" in the body of the message).


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