ABIT KA7 and Athlon stability?

Johan Sjöholm netmaster at streetwise.se
Wed Jul 19 07:10:01 PDT 2000

I have had a simular problem using the AMD Athlon processor on the Abit KA7
I resolved the problem when i put the memory speed(133mhz) down to 100mhz.
FSB that is.
Another problem i have had is that one of the machines goes slower after it
has been up for more than 2 days. This only happens on one machine out of 10
whit the same hardware.

Q:Has their been any serius testes on the stability of the Athlon processor
yet ?

-Johan Sjöholm
> We recently added 32 additional nodes to our cluster.  Each node has a
> 950Mhz AMD Athlon on an ABIT KA7 Motherbaord.  We have each filled with
> 2 or 4 pieces of 256MB PC-133 ECC Muskin memory (18 with 2 pieces and 14
> with 4 pieces).  We have had consistent stability issues that end up
> with a kernel panic or the more frequent black screen with no way to
> recover either without a hard drop or reset button hit.  I've looked
> through as many mailing list archives as I can find and I see nothing
> similar to what we are seeing.  Does anyone else out there have Athlon
> boxes on an ABIT KA7 motherboard or some other KX133 based board?  If so
> do you see these same issues?  If not what board are you using?  Any
> other relevant comments would be appreciated too.  Thanks.

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