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Fri Jul 14 10:02:04 PDT 2000

On Thu, Jul 13, 2000 at 10:05:13AM -0700, Peter Jay Salzman wrote:
> dear all,
> on the front end, we compiled the following in tarball form:
>     ssh-1.2.27/
>     ssh-2.0.13/
> and on the nodes, we installed the following rpms:
>     [p at n01]$ rpm -qa | grep ssh
>     ssh-1.2.27-1
>     ssh-server-1.2.27-1
>     ssh2-2.0.13-1i
> and the two sets of ssh packages are definitely not happy with each other.
> ssh2 doesn't seem to work (ssh2 == ssh):
>    [root at wulfgar ssh]# ssh2 -l p n01
>    Disconnected; protocol version not supported (Illegal protocol version.).
> but ssh1 seems to work fine.
>    [root at wulfgar ssh]# ssh1 -l p n01
>    p at n01's password:
> i need help.  can someone tell me why ssh2 is complaining about illegal
> protocol version?  it looks like both machines should have ssh 2.0.13.

Which sshd do you have running. Historically (and IIRC, this works with 1.2.27
and 2.0.13), if you compiled 1.x prior to 2.x, the make install would set up
the symlinks, for instance, sshd is a symlink to sshd1 (ssh1d?), and installing
ssh2 would change the symlink to point to the sshd2.

It sounds like your machine has started ssh1's daemon, and the ssh2 program
is having a hard time dealing with it. You can go into ssh2_config and set

Ssh1Compatibility	yes
Ssh1AgentCompatibility	ssh2
Ssh1Path		/usr/local/bin/ssh1

and make sure in sshd2_config that

Ssh1Compatibility	yes
Ssh1Path		/usr/local/sbin/sshd1

<Caveat> I have since switched over to OpenSSH, as someone on the list
suggested. OpenSSH has both ssh1 and ssh2 functionality, all in one package,
although there are some issues with key encoding which makes some (fixable)
problems using it with traditional ssh2.

Hope it helps,
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