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Joseph Del Corso j.a.delcorso at
Fri Jul 14 07:33:39 PDT 2000

I would think that the real question is what defines a 
beowulf class cluster... once outside those bounds,
or that definition, I'd assume that it's no longer a 
Beowulf cluster.  
My understanding is that Beowulf is a generic name 
for COTS message passing systems built to create 
a distributed compute environment... what you do 
with that environment is irrelevant... (again
this is what I'm assuming to be true... please
correct me if I'm wrong..)


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> 'morning! I have a philosophical question for all of you. 
> When does a Beowulf class cluster stop being a Beowulf class cluster?
> If I build a cluster using commodity hw but use a high performance
> network, like myrinet or SCI, is it still a Beowulf? 
> + hamlet 
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