Help with LAM

Peter Jay Salzman p at
Wed Jul 12 12:39:17 PDT 2000

dear all,

our 40 node athlon/linux cluster got hacked into, so we reloaded redhat
onto the front end (and disabled ftp which is how they got in).

we now have to reinstall LAM which was originally installed by the company
we purchased the beowulf from.

i found the homepage for LAM and noticed they have RPM's (yay!).  we have a
choice of:


i'm sure we don't want the src rpm since we're happy with simply using
supplied binaries.

what are the differences between the tcp, sysv and usysv rpm's?   which one
should we use?   i just started playing around with the cluster, so i'm a
newbie.  any help would be appreciated.


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