Where is other beowulf link sites in the www.beowulf.org ?

Donald Becker becker at scyld.com
Thu Jul 6 19:58:23 PDT 2000

On Fri, 7 Jul 2000, Yoon Jae Ho wrote:

> I try to find other beowulf link sites in the www.beowulf.org. 
> but, the homepage is changed and I can't find the other beowulf sites in those homepage.

Ooopppsss, I apologize.  This was not intentional.
This was caused by a configuration error with the Apache virtual server when
we moved server locations and IP addresses.

On July 4 we moved the BlueRaja.Scyld.com web and mail server from its old
location in Laurel, MD to the Scyld offices in Annapolis.  We had delayed
doing this because the Laurel location had reliable IP service, and there
was no compelling reason to risk breaking a working configuration.

But obviously we not only *risked* breaking something, we actually *did*
break something.  So much for picking a U.S. holiday to minimize the

Being on the "inside", we didn't notice the breakage.

> Will you make the other beowulf sites in your www.beowulf.org site again ?

The proper content should now be restored.

Once again, I apologize to the community.

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Scyld Computing Corporation		http://www.scyld.com
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