Greg Lindahl glindahl at
Thu Jul 6 13:37:49 PDT 2000

> Does the IBM "price" include
>   - power supplys, backups, UPS?
>   - cooling of any sort?
>   - what level of personnel support is included
>     in this contract?
>   - what level of software support is offered?

Facilities (power and cooling) are probably not included. There are probably
several local people included, and they're using their usual IBM SP software

> Greg, to the extent you can tell us, what was included in the
> FSL system?  Was it hardware only?  On-site support?

The FSL system included no facilities work, 1 on-site engineer, full
hardware maintenance, and a big software suite.

Facilities are generally not that large of a % of system costs.  Big
machines always come with people, but again it's usually not that large of a
%. Having a local guy means you can use depot hardware repair instead of 3rd
party on-site repair, which is a nice savings.

-- greg

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