Greg Lindahl glindahl at
Thu Jul 6 10:22:22 PDT 2000

> 12.3 Teraflops from 8192 processors means that they are getting
> approximately 1.5 Gflops/processor.  That's a factor of 15 faster
> than your typical 500 MHz Pentium III.

1.5 GFlops/proc is the theoretical peak of the power3 chips used in ASCI
White. That is not 15x faster than the theoretical peak of a 500 Mhz PIII.
The actual performance of both is lower than their theoretical peak.

As far as real computations go, remember that the fastest machine in the
world on the Linpack benchmark, ASCI Red, is #3 in theoretical peak. Cough.

> The $/GFlop is pretty good too, $8.9K/Gflop.  Has anyone
> beat this?

Of course -- it's hard to build a cluster that costs that much for list
price. The FSL system was cheaper than that.

-- g

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