Upgrading Red Hat (Alpha & Intel) w/o rebooting

W Bauske wsb at paralleldata.com
Wed Jul 5 15:58:26 PDT 2000

balexander wrote:
> You should, in theory, be able to put the CD into the machine, mount it, and
> do 'rpm -F *', however, in practice, YMMV. The -F option is freshen, which
> should only update the rpms you have installed. However, RedHat being what they
> are, many of the dependencies change from version to version, and unlike Debian,
> dependencies will stop you cold.

Are you saying Debian doesn't care about dependencies??
That would really surprise me.

In general, how would Debian/FreeBSD get around getting the
new kernel running without a reboot? Also, updates to things
like libc are problematic without rebooting.

Why waste a bunch of CD-ROM drives on nodes when you can NFS 
mount things or FTP install? Haven't used a CDROM in a node 
for quite a while now with RH.

Are you sure the floppies are broken or did the kernel not
test for it correctly? There were bugs in the Alpha floppy
code where the floppy is not correctly initialized. A patch
was posted a while back on axp-list.


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