Building Beowulf cluster in 19" rack

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Mon Aug 28 12:58:15 PDT 2000

Well, I have an 18 node cluster built inside of one 19" rack enclosure.  I
made a series of front-to-back "L" rails, mounted them about 9" apart, and
added two side-to-side rails for support.  I then cut a 4x8 sheet of
pegboard (actually several) in the dimensions to slide in and out on the
rails.  Mount the rails with the "L" pointed down, and against the side of
the cabinet.

I have two nodes per board, mounted with cable-ties for ease of maintenance.
Add a couple of Tripplite power strips on both doors, the switch and a BIG
UPS in the bottom, and the fans on the back door.  It's been running almost
a month, and no other changes have popped up.  I don't have my webpage
completed yet, but will post a picture and let you know when I do.

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James Alton wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone had any good sources on a very simple way
> to mount a motherboard
> into the 19" form.

A while back I saw an advertisement for a rack full of bare shelves
where PC components could be mounted (ATX motherboard, power supply,
disk, fan).  Apparently, this is intended for server farms.  The outfit
which advertised this was

but I did not pursue this further.  I have no idea whatsoever if their
stuff actually works, nor how much it costs.


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