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> are there any scalapack users in the list? i have a few questions to ask:


> -is there s C/C++ implementation of SCALAPACK? if not, can i call the
> fortran SCALAPACK/PBLAS functions from C/C++?

No c interface, to use routines:

1) add a '_' after routine name
2) Pass all arguments as pointers  (i.e. an arg of '1' would have to
	be passed as &i, with i having been set to 1.)
3) Link with g77

> -are there any good scalapack documentation/manuals out there? the
> scalapack site only feature some lawns but nothing like a users manual.

The faq and user's guide at netlib are both good.  They're included in
the new Debian scalapack-doc package.

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