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Years ago, I mounted my old Atari 800 boards using wooden dowel cut
to length for spacers.  I transferred the mounting points onto paper by
placing the main board on a sheet of paper and marking the holes with
a pen, then taped the paper to the metal and drilled through.  I cut
a number of equal length wooden dowel rod, wrapped the ends with
electrical tape (to help prevent splitting), and drilled the centers with
an undersized bit.  Screw everything into place, and you're done.  Of
course, swiss cheese can be acheived after you have marked your holes
via a hole saw.  It should be fairly easy to acheive what you are after
this technique.  Another interesting idea might be to try to adapt old
bread trays.  The hard part here will be mounting your equipment, but
I could think of a few designs.  Not sure if this helps.

James Alton wrote:

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> I'm looking to build a cheap beowulf cluster. I need it to fit into a
> 19" rackmount enclosure.
> I was wondering if anyone had any good sources on a very simple way
> to mount a motherboard
> into the 19" form. I need a piece of metal (bare shelf) that has
> raised places with holes
> to mount a standard ATX motherboard, and on the same piece of metal,
> perhaps 2-4 3.5 inch devices.
> As well, there should be holes that make this piece of metal look
> like cheese. (This is for air
> flow.) Also, there has to be an area to mount an ATX power supply. I
> am willing to pay 20-40 bucks
> per piece. This seems to be way cheaper than an enclosed node system,
> each enclosure costs like
> $250? This seems outrageous for a piece of metal and power supply. If
> possible, I would also like
> the motherboard mount to be able to slide out. If no one has any
> information on this,
> I would even consider taking a metal shop class, or getting
> commercial production for such a
> bare motherboard rackmount. It seems like something there is a great
> need for.
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