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Ioannis F Sotiriadis admin at
Thu Aug 17 10:56:29 PDT 2000

i am putting a beowulf cluster together (nodes diskless)
using the new 3com bootable lancard and have nothing but
problems AND all the HOWTO's take to much for granted :-(

I am using on the card BOOT METHOD: TCP/IP and PROTOCOL: BOOTP
(available methods TCP/IP, NETWARE, BPL and PXE - available
protocols (under TCP/IP) DHCP and BOOTP and (under netware)
802.2  802.3 and EthII)

RESULTS: when the node boots the message is "UNDI
initialization failed" and boots again - on the server the
message (everytime the node boots) "eth0:BTL8139: Interrupt
line blocked,status 1"

What am i doing wrong and/or what is missing?

Best regards,
 Ioannis                          mailto: admin at

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