Facilities Requirements for Beowulf Clusters?

Cezary Czaplewski czarek at scheraga2.chem.cornell.edu
Sat Aug 12 21:33:07 PDT 2000


We have 55 dual PIII 650 nodes in quite small room (to be precise part of
bigger room which divided by two metal cabinets into small 'computer room'
and a workplace with a few desks and desktop computers). While staying
close to the rack you can feel heat produced by all these computer,
maximum CPU's temperature as measured using lm-sensor is around 55C. As
the limit in Intel's documents is 82C for 650 MHz CPU I think it is OK.
Earlier this room had been kept around 22C, after setting up cluster I
asked to increase air flow for A/C in this room and it was enough not to
overheat CPU's.


> I realize I can calculate the power requirements and compare them
> to what's available in the room, but A/C is a little tougher.  Have
> any of you tried jamming 16 to 32 nodes in a small room that's typically 
> kept at around 22C (72F) with any success?  I hear about a number of
> medium-sized systems like the one I'm getting ready to acquire, 
> and I wonder if people are really going all out to spend extra
> bucks on the facilities?
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