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Indraneel Majumdar indraneel at www.cdfd.org.in
Fri Aug 11 01:12:28 PDT 2000

On Thu, 10 Aug 2000, Erik Paulson wrote:
> No, you run it multiple times with different parameters looking at all the
> answers. 
> to try like 5,000 different combinations or something)
> enfusion (or in our case Condor) will run them all, and give him the answer
> in 5000/<number_of_processors_availble> hours. This all comes with no 

So if a program has to be run multiple times with different values as
inputs I use enfusion (or condor or whatever..) which runs the whole
program on each node but with different input parameters (so parametric
processing) and if a program has to run only once but can be made modular,
then I use message passing and run each module on a different node. So a
modular program that uses message passing, if required to run several
times can also make use of enfusion (or condor etc.). Am I right or way
off the mark?

> You can create a VERY basic system with {r,s}sh and perl in 20 minutes. 
> It gets harder as you start adding features :) 

If I am right then this would mean the protein modelling program was
putting only the accepted possible bond angle values at each point of the
protein chain and checking for total free energy or whatever. So I can run
the same program several times on different nodes with different initial
bond angle values and this would be parametric processing. Am I right? 
> -Erik

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