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Mon Aug 7 19:50:56 PDT 2000

Hi Stefano,

Stefano Curtarolo wrote:

> Hi
> we are thinking to create a new beowulf with DUAL P3 cpus (as fast
> as possible). I know that there are a lot of motherboards but I am
> confused by all the different specifications.
> Which is the best motherboard ? Any advice is welcome !
> Thanks
> Stefano Curtarolo
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I know you asked for the best... And the fastest for P3.  I can't really

say but for the money it's hard to beat the Tyan Tiger 100.  It's sweet
and can take a gig of ram. 100mhz on your bus thru put and with 2 P2's
can deliver a processor speed of appox 450meghrtz.  If you are just
looking to get your feet wet with some of this stuff, it provides a lot
of entertainment for a fraction of where the P3 are at the moment.  The
board itself is about a buck and a half and you can find the 233 (512K
on L-2) for about 40 bucks a throw... So for less than you can buy one
P3 (last time I check they were holding around 275)... You can have a
bad ass dual 233 and a three ring day at the circus for a fraction of
the ticket of admission.  In fact, you could buy 3 Tigers loaded for
you would spend on just the two P3's, so if you are looking for cost to
speed, it might be an interesting project to set those 3 Tiger nodes and

you have performance that exceeds the returns of the single dual P3...
Benching a Gigahzs speeds at a fraction of the cost.  Of course that
IS what makes all this beowufery stuff soooo much fun.
Hope this helps,


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