Kickstart and NFS

Justin Moore jdm2d at
Thu Aug 3 08:25:10 PDT 2000

> What hardware are you using in your compute nodes?  What errors show up
> on any of the vitual consoles when it fails the NFS mount?

ASUS P2XBL mobo, dual capable, but only 1 PII proc installed
3C905B NIC
Seagate IDE drives
128 MB RAM
generic Tseng ET6000 video cards

There are no messages of any kind on the virtual consoles for the mounts,
attempted insmods, or any other post-install commands I try to run.  The
failures are completely silent.

I know the network is coming up properly because ifconfig shows the
interface as sending and receiving traffic, and the NFS server received a
correct mount request.  'showmount -a' on that server shows the partition
as being mounted by the new node.


Justin Moore
Assistant Centurion SysAdmin
University of Virginia
jdm2d at

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