problems booting diskless nodes

dschmitz at dschmitz at
Tue Aug 1 14:58:28 PDT 2000

I'm setting up a Beowulf on PC164 Alphas.  I do not have an "rdev" program
to set the root device for the kernel image, so I tried declaring it
manually by typing the kernel parameter "root=/dev/nfsroot" should this
work?  I can mount the shared NFS partition using this, but it keeps
giving me error message telling me that it is read only and does not
complete the boot process.  I cannot see all the error messages because
they go by so fast.  They deal with the file system being read only.  I
will try and send the error message later when I am able to get some of
them documented.

Another thing, my RARP server frequently stops recognizing the requests
from the server, requiring me to reboot my server in order to get ti to
work again, does anyone have any idea what might be causing this or how I
might fix it?

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