Cluster benchmark(s)?

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I agree that real performance of beowulf depends on your application.
Anyway, if you need to get some ideas about system performance . People
usually run slbench ,
parallel benchmark from UTK. Please obtain it by going to ATLAS project.
Net pipe and net perf seems to be a standard for testing network
All these benchmark and more can be found at.


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> Randy,
> That's kind of a funny question.  Not funny as in Ha Ha, but funny as
> in strange.  It's a good question, but the problem is that people who
> use and build Beowulf clusters (being the informed, scientific type) do
> so for specific applications which very from cluster to cluster.  These
> applications (which are the only real benchmark) very as to weather they
> are CPU limited or network latency or bandwidth limited, or limited by
> something else (like disk space or memory).  That means if your going to
> run a generic benchmark on a cluster, you need to run benchmarks that
> test these components and let the user/developer weigh the different
> portions that they see as important.  For cpu limited benchmark, there
> is tons of stuff, but I think the parallel POVRAY ray tracer is a common
> tool for comparison.  For network latency, there are various versions of
> ping pong tests and such that can be used, and for bandwidth, well, you
> could just use ftp, although that's not really in context, because not
> to many parallel programs actually call ftp, but it should give you a
> rough idea.  I'm by no means an authority on any of this, so maybe you
> can get some input from the people on the list who are more
> experienced.  Like I said though, I'm sure a lot of them will give you
> the generic answer that the only true benchmark is your application.
> Randy_Howard at wrote:
> >
> > I am curious if there is any reference benchmark software for a Beowulf
> > cluster to test the networking and processing capabilities.  More for
> > comparitive testing between various configurations than meaningful data
> > values.  Any pointers you have would be very helpful.
> >
> > Randy
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