[Beowulf-announce] 5th Annual Workshop on Charm++ and its Applications

Pritish Jetley pjetley2 at uiuc.edu
Wed Mar 7 11:59:55 PST 2007

5th Annual Workshop on Charm++ and its Applications 2007


Hosted by the Parallel Programming Laboratory
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Apr 18-20, 2007

Charm++/AMPI and the frameworks built upon them have emerged as powerful parallel
programming systems in recent years. By allowing the programmer to divide the
computation into a large number of entities, which are mapped to the available processors
by an intelligent runtime system, Charm++ enables a separation of concerns that leads to
both improved productivity and higher performance. Powerful abstractions are available
in the FEM, POSE, MSA, and Multiblock frameworks. Charm++ frameworks have
enabled applications ranging from molecular dynamics, cosmology, network simulation,
materials science, and rocket simulation.

The workshop will focus on showcasing the latest leading research in parallel processing
using Charm++ and its frameworks.

Topics will include:

* NAMD3: Stepwise Refactoring for Petascale and 10^7 Atom Systems
* BigSim: Simulating PetaFLOPS Supercomputers
* LeanCP: Terascale Car Parrinello Molecular Dynamics Using Charm++
* Charm++ on the Cell Processor
* ParFUM: A Case Study in Multi-paradigm Parallel Programming within the Charm++ Run-time System
* Scalability enhancements to performance analysis tools in
* The Charm++ Fault Tolerance Infrastructure
* Load Balancing for Charm++ Applications
* ChaNGa: The Charm N-Body Gravity Solver

Authors and attendees are encouraged to share their experiences with the systems built
upon Charm++/AMPI as well as Charm++/AMPI itself. The workshop will be a forum
for developers and users of Charm++ to interact closely.

The workshop is also aimed at taking stock of the funded collaborative interdisciplinary
research projects involving the Charm++ system.


There will be several tutorials demonstrating the different features of Charm++. The
tutorials will be presented by the Charm++ developers. Attendees are required to register
for the tutorials. Following is the tentative list of tutorials:

· Charm++ and virtualization tutorial
· How to write applications using Adaptive MPI
· Running your application on BigSim
· Projections: Performance analysis

Call For Papers:

Authors are invited to submit short manuscripts that demonstrate research and
development in all areas of parallel processing using Charm++ and AMPI. Submissions
should be in the form of extended abstracts up to 3 pages formatted in standard IEEE
format. The papers will not be published and the authors are encouraged to publish them
in other conferences. Some of the topics of interest are:

· Parallel and Distributed Applications in science and engineering
· Parallel Discrete Event Simulation techniques and applications
· Parallel libraries and frameworks
· Extensions and new features in Charm++
· Massively parallel processing on future machines
· Novel parallel programming models

Please send submissions to David Kunzman (kunzman2 at uiuc.edu) by the deadline below.

Important dates:
· Manuscripts due: Mar 19, 2007
· Notification of acceptance: Mar 26, 2007
· Workshop: Apr 18-20, 2007 

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