[Beowulf-announce] Linux NetworX Announces LinuxBIOS on the Alpha Platform

Brad Rutledge brutledge at linuxnetworx.com
Thu Feb 22 17:57:50 PST 2001

Linux NetworX Announces LinuxBIOS on the Alpha Platform
Development Adds Significant Power to Cluster Management and Improves
System Reliability

	SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, Feb. 20, 2001 - Linux NetworX, a leading provider
of large-scale Linux clustering solutions, announced today it has
developed LinuxBIOS for the Alpha platform. Linux NetworX will present
the development and all of its implications at the Extreme Linux
Developer's Forum, Feb. 21-23 in Santa Fe, NM. 

	In conjunction with the LinuxBIOS Open Source project, Linux NetworX
has replaced SRM firmware on the Alpha platform with a Linux-based BIOS.
Users will now have the ability to boot to Linux directly out of the ROM
on the motherboard.

	"Among the various other benefits, this gives users pre-boot network
access and offers the potential for remote firmware updates and remote
hardware diagnosis," said Joshua Harr, CTO of Linux NetworX.
"Incorporated into ClusterWorX®, this exciting project pushes cluster
management technology to the next level."
	LinuxBIOS offers the potential to dramatically increase the
manageability of Alpha-based clusters for the end-user. Significant
management and reliability features include remote on-board hardware
failure recoveries, firmware updates, kernel updates and booting.
	Linux NetworX designs and delivers clustering solutions using many
standard off-the-shelf components, coupled with its proprietary cluster
management hardware and software optimization tools. The company is
focused on developing technologies to make clusters more efficient and
easier to manage. LinuxBIOS offers an additional feature to the Linux
NetworX suite of cluster management tools, falling under the umbrella of
	The Fourth Extreme Linux Developer's Forum is an exclusive, by
invitation-only workshop with the focus on sharing information and
experience about advanced, bleeding-edge Linux cluster technology. Linux
NetworX will send two of its senior software engineers to participate.

About Linux NetworX
	Linux NetworX (www.linuxnetworx.com) brings its powerful cluster
technology to those demanding high availability and high performance
systems. With the use of cluster computer technology, a method of
linking multiple computers through high-speed networks to form a single
and more powerful system, Linux NetworX provides solutions for companies
with high-computing needs, including Web serving, ISPs, ASPs, research,
industry, government and other technological fields. Through innovative
hardware, complete cluster management software and solid service and
support, Linux NetworX provides end-to-end clustering solutions.
	To date, the company has built some of the largest cluster systems in
the world and has developed unique hardware and versatile software to
facilitate overall system management. Linux NetworX has offices in Utah,
New York, Calif. and Texas with various international distribution

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