[3c509] 3C509 ethernet card stopped working after RHL 6.0 -> 7.2 upgrade

Alexander Karnovsky, D.Sc. alex@DrAlex.com
Mon Jul 29 15:27:01 2002

Hello Donald,

So what is your advice? What shall I do? Download, compile and install your 


At 10:15 7/24/02 -0400, Donald Becker wrote:
>On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, Alexander Karnovsky, D.Sc. wrote:
> > I have upgraded my Red Hat Linux from 6.90 to 7.2, and the 3COM Etherlink
> > 10 ISA card stopped working.
> >
> > eth0 does not show up in ifconfig.
> >
> > The card does show up in Network Configuration. I click on Edit; Network
> > Adaptor Configuration opens; it shows IRQ as Unknown and all other fields
> > (MEM, IO, IO1, IO2, DMA0, DMA1) empty.
> >
> > What values shall I put in those fields?
>The 3c509 can automatically find the I/O address and IRQ of the 3c509
>card.  You should not fill in any fields.
>The IO1 IO2 DMA0 and DMA1 fields are meaningless.  If you fill those in,
>the invalid parameter will prevent the driver from loading.
>The problem you are seeing has been reported before.  It seems to be a
>bug that Red Hat introduced.  (The driver they are shipping has been
>modified from my version.)
> > Note: the machine is dual-boot, Linux/Windows, and when I boot it as
> > Windows, the card works.
>That's an important clue..
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