[3c509] 3C509 ethernet card stopped working after RHL 6.0 -> 7.2 upgrade

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Wed Jul 24 10:31:02 2002

On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, Alexander Karnovsky, D.Sc. wrote:

> I have upgraded my Red Hat Linux from 6.90 to 7.2, and the 3COM Etherlink
> 10 ISA card stopped working. 
> eth0 does not show up in ifconfig.
> The card does show up in Network Configuration. I click on Edit; Network
> Adaptor Configuration opens; it shows IRQ as Unknown and all other fields
> (MEM, IO, IO1, IO2, DMA0, DMA1) empty. 
> What values shall I put in those fields?

The 3c509 can automatically find the I/O address and IRQ of the 3c509
card.  You should not fill in any fields.

The IO1 IO2 DMA0 and DMA1 fields are meaningless.  If you fill those in,
the invalid parameter will prevent the driver from loading.

The problem you are seeing has been reported before.  It seems to be a
bug that Red Hat introduced.  (The driver they are shipping has been
modified from my version.)

> Note: the machine is dual-boot, Linux/Windows, and when I boot it as
> Windows, the card works. 

That's an important clue..

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