[3c509] when loading the 3c90x.o modules the

Simon Aladdin (ERV) simon.aladdin@erv.ericsson.se
Mon Feb 25 04:23:00 2002

Hi I am triying to load a 3c905x.o modules to a linux 2.2.18 kernel. I have purschesed two new 3c905CX-TX-NM NIC cards with the driver modules in a CD. 

now every time I try to download the module by writing   insmod 3c90x.o media_select=4 full_duplex=1 seems to be accepted. So I continue to bring up the interface one at a time by writing the command  ifconfig eth0 up   the light diod on the 100Mbs link turnsoff. The same happens with the second interface. And when I write ifconfig eth down the light diod turns on again. 

Any hints from the audience ??

///Simon :-)