[3c509] 3c515 questions...

ckovacs ckovacs@DEPAUW.EDU
Mon Feb 18 15:50:02 2002

I have a small cluster (12 nodes, 100Mhz Pentiums) outfitted with
the 3c515 10/100 ISA cards. I have been able to get it all working with
a few test nodes going (i've only got a cicso 1548M, Microswitch for
now). The switch is set for auto speed/duplex on all ports but I can't 
get the cards to go 100FD. I understand that some of thses cards do 
not go 100FD but how do you tell if the capability is present? Also,
if I force the cards to 100 Mb, I cannot get to the network.

My configs are as follows.

Kernel 2.4.17 (compiled from virgin source)
NIC 3Com 3c515 10/100BASE-TX (ISA)
Switch CISCO 1548M Microswitch 10/100
	alias eth0 3c515
	options 3c515 options=4,12
	alias eth1 3c515
	options 3c515 options=4,12

looking in /var/log/messages as the drivers load, it indicates that the
card is indeed 100TX mode, but no connection is possible.

Also I tried to compile the latest 3c515.c from scyld but it
gives lot's of errors and bombs out on my box.

If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.