[3c509] Re: Cannot bring up two 3c509 cards

J. David Blackstone jdavidb@goreadthebible.com
Sat Feb 16 00:27:01 2002

>   I've added a second 3c509 to my RedHat 7.2 system, and I cannot seem to
> get both cards activated.
>   dmesg reports both cards as being IRQ 5.  How can I tell the second card
> to use a different IRQ?  I've specified a different one in
> /etc/modules.conf, as suggested in the Ethernet HOWTO:
> alias eth0 3c509
> alias eth1 3c509
> options eth0 -o 3c509-0 irq=5
> options eth1 -o 3c509-1 irq=7
>   Both cards work.  RedHat ifconfigs eth0 correctly on startup.  I can
> ifconfig it down and then bring up eth1.  But I cannot bring up eth1 when
> eth0 is up.  The message I get is:
> SIOCSIFFLAGS: Device or resource busy
>   RedHat's config tool (linuxconf) seems to be no help, so far.
>   I'm looking at the isapnp utilities trying to find a way to change the
> IRQ.  Am I looking in the right place?
> J. David Blackstone

  Okay, I've discovered the 3c509 setup utility.  (Thank you!)  dmesg
reports eth0 at 0x220 and eth1 at 0x300.  But I can't seem to get the setup
utility to recognize the card at 0x220.  I'm using
# ./3c509 -p 0x220 -f
and get nothing.

  I've also discovered that my earlier belief that both cards are working
may not be entirely correct.  I can ifconfig up either card and it works.
But when I plug into the network and try to use DHCP, only eth1 seems to
work.  eth1 was my original card (formerly known as eth0 before I plugged
in the additional card).  I suppose I need to pull out the original card,
put the new card in the same slot, and see if I can get the card to work,
but I think I will wait until tomorrow to see if a better suggestion comes

  My worst problem is I can't tell cause and effect apart here.  Both of
the cards have the same IRQ.  That has to be a problem.  (Right?)  Would
that problem give the errors I'm seeing?  Or is there more than one thing
wrong here?

J. David Blackstone