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<p><b>SP<!--of school-->ECI<!--and that-->AL SI<!--was oh so-->TUA<!--bad-->TION AL<!--to see-->ERTS NE<!--start-->WSLET<!--end-->TER</b></p>
<p><b>HOT PI<!--everywhere that-->CK OF THE YEAR</b><br>
Environmental Remediation Holding Corp. (OT<!--hello world-->CB<!--sally world-->B: ERHC)<br>
<p>RECENT PRICE: $ .20<br>
SELL TARGET: $ 1.25<br>
INVESTOR ALERT: ERHC enters into joint-venture license agreement<br>
(NYSE: BHI, $40) for seismic data on some of the richest offshore<br>
oil blocks in West Africa, where ERHC controls a huge working interest.<br>
INVESTORS - WE HAVE FOUND THE HIDDEN GEM: (OT<!--mary had a little lamb-->C<!--its fleece was white as snow-->BB: ERHC)<br>
ERHC's joint-venture with SCHLUMBERGER and BAKER HUGHES puts them in<br>
world-class company with these leaders in oil exploration and reservoir<br>
imaging services.  The involvement of SLB and BHI reinforces the<br>
$MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR VALUE that has been placed in this offshore<br>
drilling haven.  ERHC's goal is to maximize shareholder value from<br>
existing contractual rights, making them a significant player in<br>
this region.<br>
<b>THE BIG MO<!--mary went-->NEY ROLLS IN:</b><br>
The seismic data from this joint-venture is being made available for<br>
further involvement by the LARGEST OIL COMPANIES IN THE WORLD over<br>
the next 2 weeks!<br>
Bidding wars have already developed between major oil companies such as:<br>
are willing to pay $Hundreds of Millions to drill in the oil blocks that<br>
border on ERHC's offshore zones.<br>
<b><!--the lamb-->STOCK SET TO EX<!--hello world-->PLODE ON EAR<!--was sure to go-->NINGS BOOM:</b><br>
"UPSTREAM", the International Oil and Gas Newspaper considered to be the<br>
equivalent of the "Wall Street Journal" for the Oil Industry, has stated<br>
in a number of articles that EXXON/MOBIL believes that the oil blocks<br>
"housing ERHC's working interest" contain over 8 BIL<!--followed her-->LION BARRELS OF&nbsp;<br>
<b>TA<!--which made-->KEOVERS RUN<!--to school one day-->NING RAMPANT . . .</b><br>
Oil Companies of all sizes have been the target of significant mergers<br>
and takeovers during the past year.  Many of these takeovers or buyouts<br>
have occurred due to the value of the acquired Company's offshore oil<br>
holdings in West Africa.  One such example is Marathon Oil (NYSE: MRO, $28)<br>
paying $900 MILLION for the West African holdings of CMS Energy<br>
(NYSE: CMS, $23).  We believe that ERHC and/or the Company's offshore oil<br>
interests could be the next target of a takeover.  This is largely<br>
because of their exclusive right to participate in exploration and production<br>
along with OIL INDUSTRY GIANTS, as these oil blocks are adjacent to Billion<br>
Barrel producing regions!<br>
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