[3c509] 3c509 under different kernels/distros

Gerard Taylor Gtaylor@globaledge.co.za
Fri Nov 2 06:37:01 2001


I have been struggling with a networking problem for some time now and I
hope this is the right place to post. This seems to be my last line of
questioning as my usual Linux list cannot help. I'm hoping that 1. I've
given enough info and 2. that there is something glaringly obvious to the


I have two HDD's in one machine booting different versions of Redhat
7.0 kernel 2.2
7.1 kernel 2.4
Lilo correctly set up.
The 2.4 kernel appears to have isapnp and correctly detect the network card
as a 3com509b and set base address and irq to 0x220, 5
The 2.2 kernel uses insmod and modules.conf with eth0 aliased to 3c509.o it
always sets base address and irq to 0x300, 10
The 2.4 kernel can ping the router (Motorola) and other machines on the
network and even surf the web. 
The 2.2 gets Destination Host Unreachable if I try to ping router or other
machines on the LAN. I Can ping localhost and the hostname/ip address.

Vital custom built network application on 7.0 system.
7.1 System better features and long term prospects for the client. 

If I hack away with lilo and setup up the 2.4 kernel and modules directories
on the 7.0 drive I get the network but applications stop running. (I did
this just to confirm that my network settings were correct on the 7.0
drive.) Unfortunately there is an urgent need to get the 7.0 system up
quickly because of network applications on it. Once its up I can make the
7.1 system start to perform some of the custom functionality on the 7.0

I didn't install or develop on the 7.0 system and some perl development has

Any ideas?

My actual network settings are correct as proved by the kernel swap. Ip
Gateway Subnet Netmask etc.



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