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<FONT size=3D2> <html><BODY><BR>
<center><b><FONT color=3D "red" size=3D+2>Parents Protect Your Loved Ones!=
<center><b><FONT color=3D "blue" size=3D+2>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&=
nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ---KNOW What They Are Doing On-Line.</FONT><br><BR=
<FONT color=3D "C300C0" size=3D+2>Businesses Increase Productivity.</font>=
<center><FONT color=3D "#44C300" size=3D+2>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&=
nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ---Protect YOUR Financial Future!!!</FONT><br><BR>
<table><tr><td><B><FONT color=3Dred size=3D+3><BR>
Stealth-Eyes</FONT></b><FONT size=3D+1> is a computer monitoring software =
that automatically records <b>EVERYTHING</b><BR>
done on a computer and you play it back like a VCR at your convenience.  I=
t emails to a designated address <BR>
the text version of all on-line activity, 24 hours a day.  You can have as=
 much or as little information <BR>
emailed as desired; a full report, a short notifications when keywords are=
 detected or an easy to read <BR>
pie graph for at-a-glance reference of all system activity.<br> <BR>
Once the software is installed, you never need to touch the monitored syst=
em again.<BR>
Stealth Eyes installs and remains <b>TOTALLY</b> hidden on a computer.  On=
ly YOU know it is there.<BR>
It begins recording activity whenever Windows is started, no matter how ma=
ny times a system is rebooted.<br><BR>
In today's society, it is increasingly important to be informed and to <b>=
KNOW</b> what is going on around us.<BR>
This software can help you be a responsible parent and protect your childr=
en from online predators.<BR>
It can help you protect your business from a recessed economy with INCREAS=
ED profits.<br></font><BR>
<b><center><FONT color=3D "blue" size=3D+2>Protect Your Family and Your Bu=
siness.  </font> <FONT color=3D "red" size=3D+2>BE INFORMED!!</FONT><br><B=
<FONT size=3D+1>To learn more about this great new software, please visit =
our website and</font><BR>
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ont> Please fax your Name, Address,<BR>
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T></B></CENTER> <BR>
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