Archive of Inactive Mailing Lists

3c509 - Linux 3c509 driver development mailing list.
3c509-bug - 3c509 Bug report list.
beowulf-announce - Beowulf announcements
bproc - Beowulf Distributed Process Space (bproc)
Driver-Announce - Announcements for Linux network driver updates
eepro100 - Linux driver development for the Intel PCI/CardBus EEPro 10
eepro100-announce - Announcements of eepro100 driver updates.
eepro100-bug - List for reporting Linux eepro100 driver bugs.
epic - Linux driver development for the SMSC EPIC 83c170 NIC series.
epic-bug - List for reporting Linux epic driver bugs.
netdrivers - Linux network driver support
realtek - Driver development for the Realtek RTL8129/8139
realtek-announce - Announcements of Linux Realtek driver updates.
realtek-bug - List for reporting Linux Realtek driver bugs and errata.
scyld-users - Scyld users mailing list.
tulip - Linux Tulip device driver list.
tulip-announce - Announcements of Tulip released drivers and applications.
tulip-bug - List for reporting Linux Tulip driver bugs.
vortex - Discussions about the Linux drivers for 3Com PCI Ethernet adaptors.
vortex-announce - Announcements about the Linux drivers for 3Com PCI network
vortex-bug - A bug report list for the Linux 3Com PCI Ethernet driver.
yellowfin - Linux driver development for Gigabit Ethernet adapters
yellowfin-bug - A bug report list for Linux Gigabit Ethernet drivers.

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