[vortex] Hello, driver question.

Harley D. Eades III hde at grics.net
Mon May 23 04:52:56 PDT 2005

        I am new to this list and driver development but I have a few questions.  I am working on trying to get the 3c905c Tornado NIC card working with the GNU Mach mirco kernel.  The card is detected and I can set configure the device.  When I ping the device from another machine, the link light in the TORNADO blinks like it is trying to ack the machine which is pinging it, but the ack from the TORNADO do not go over the cable to the switch in fact the link light on the switch does not blink at all.  Now if I try to send traffic from the machine with the TORNADO in it both link lights on the NIC and on the switch blink and I can see using tcpdump that arp request looking for the default gateway are sent and ack's are sent from the gateway, but the TORNADO does not pick them up.  Any ideas on what could be causing the problem?  Also the driver used in GNU Mach is date all the way back to linux 2.0.X so the actual support for the TORNADO is not their, where can I get the nece
 ssary information on adding the TORNADO additions that are in later releases I am having trouble trying to pick then out of the newest driver.  I have noticed while reading the list that people say read this documentation here and there but none of the  links work, where can I find any docs regarding the vortex drivers? 


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