[vortex] 3COM VLAN VLT

Bogdan Costescu bogdan.costescu@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de
Tue Apr 29 09:56:09 2003

On Mon, 28 Apr 2003, Jin wrote:

> In vortex-config I sow mac-control reporting, that VLT-VLAN is enabled, but 
> neighter in mii-control, nor in driver options I sow how to enable it.

First, VLT and 802.1q tagging are two different things. To my knowledge 
neither of the 3c59x Linux drivers (the one that comes with the kernel or 
the one from Scyld) offer support for VLT which is a 3Com proprietary 
scheme. The Scyld driver offers support for 802.1q tagging.
I have no idea about the support offered by 3Com's own 3c90x driver.

> /The reason I need VLAN-s is to stop NETBIOS broadcasting, because I don't 
> want machines on different ports to see each other/ 

This can also be achieved at higher levels, with a packet-based firewall.

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